Push Your Limits Danny Anderson


To upgrade our lives, we are going to have to push past the limits that we think we are capable of. Living in the state of uncomfortableness, will turn into our upgrade. So where do you need to push your limits? Join us this weekend for some insight!

Troubles Pastor Danny Anderson


Jesus was traveling on a boat with his disciples when there came a storm. The disciples thought they were going to drown when Jesus said to them, "Why are you afraid? You have so little faith." Then he calmed the storm. Are you struggling to walk by faith? Join us for week one of our Walk By Faith series as Pastor Danny shares how our troubles don't overwhelm us when we put our faith in God.

Believe The Impossible Pastor Danny Anderson


You were designed to make progress. Settling for average often results in unfulfilled potential. Join Pastor Danny as he lays out the benefits of being "Unreasonable!"

Obstacles are Opportunities Pastor Danny Anderson


How will you see the obstacles in your life? Will they appear to be stop signs - or opportunities? Pastor Danny continues the discussion of the benefits of being "Unreasonable."