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Banta Campus

Aaron Beasley, Banta Campus Pastor

Beka Williams, Children's Ministry Director

Drew Coble, Production Assistant

Duane Schnelle II, Facilities Director

Jake Boschen, Production Director

Martha Neidenberger, Host Team Coordinator

Shay Toombs, Student Ministries Pastor

Franklin Campus

Brent Fox, Franklin Campus Pastor

Ian Elliott, Production Assistant

Jake Wojtowicz, Student Ministry Pastor

Jason Demers, Facilities Director

Katie Sparks, Host Team Coordinator

Nich Frost, Production Director

Nicole Zieniewicz, Children's Ministry Director

Garfield Park Campus

Jonathan Shingleton, Facilities and Production Associate Director

Macy Schoen, Childcare Coordinator

Greenwood Campus

Andrew Stanley, Facilities Director

Breanne Schafer, Children's Ministry Support

Cody Johnson, Campus Pastor

Cody Lane, Campus Worship Pastor

Dalia Tolle, Student Ministries Groups Director

Eric Weidman, Groups Director

Fabian Puello, Production Assistant

Gabe Rios, Children's Ministry Director

Jessica Burcham, Women's Group Director

Mariah Lundy, Children's Ministry Director

Matt Losey, Director of Production

Misty Scholl, Host Team Coordinator

Pam Pieper, Facilities Director

Tim Strietelmeier, Production Assistant

Wayne McGowin, Facility Care Support

Online Campus

Ronieka Howell, Online Campus Director

Centralized Teams

Adam Ferrell, Worship Pastor

Alexis Smith, IT Systems Administrator

Allison Gearries, Supportive Services Director

Andi Goulet, Student Ministries Assistant

Andrew Todd, Technology Application Engineer

Ashley Schneider, Student Ministries Pastor

Bill Miller, Biblical Counseling Director

Christian Sutt, Technology Support Specialist

Courtney Salyers, Children's Ministry Programming Pastor

Erika Mulroney, Executive Assistant to Matt Randall, Bookstore Director

Hannah Sanders, Finance Assistant

Holly Kanning, Visual Communications Designer

Ik Caraballo Perez, Video Director

Jeanette Cloud, Office and Data Administrator

Jim Gearries III, Director of Spiritual Growth

Joe Pittman, Communications Director

Josie Dillon, Finance Director

Kelsey Thompson, Director of Operation

Kerry Carmichael, Outreach Director

Kevin Schneider, Production Director

Leah Torrison, Impact Team Director

Linnea Tuterow, Executive Assistant to Kyle Thompson

Macy Schoen, Childcare Coordinator

Marion Glover, Pastoral Care Pastor

Olivia Meek, Communications Assistant, Social Media Coordinator

Rita Strietelmeier, Centralized Children's Pastor

Rob Howell, IT Director

Sam Likens, Executive Assistant to Rachel Long

Sara Ritchie, Centralized Office Assistant

Tami Whyde, Certified Biblical Counselor

Ministry Leadership Team

Dave Ochs, Elder

Lance Fleming, Elder

Mike Winslow, Elder

Ray Simons, Elder

Wes Harrison, Elder