Senior Leadership Team

Danny Anderson

Lead Pastor

Jennie Walters

Executive Assistant to Danny Anderson

Kyle Thompson

Executive Pastor

Rachel Long

Executive Pastor

Campus Pastors

Andy Schroeder

Campus Pastor

Ashley Schneider

Campus Pastor

Cody Johnson

Campus Pastor

Matt Scobell

Online Campus
Campus Pastor

Rachel Long

Garfield Park
Acting Campus Pastor

Shay Toombs

Campus Pastor

Banta Campus

Duane Schnelle II, Facilities Director

Gabby Roten, Production Director

Logan Strong, Children's Ministry Director

Ronieka Howell, Groups and Ministry Director

Shay Toombs, Campus Pastor

Franklin Campus

Ashley Schneider, Campus Pastor

Clark Tippett, Production Director

Gary Frye, Facility Director

Julia Hayes, Groups and Host Team Director

Nate Tripp, Family Ministries Pastor

Garfield Park Campus

Ashlynn King, Ministry Assistant

Jonathan Shingleton, Facility and Production Director

Maddie Pendleton, Family Ministries Director and Host Team Director

Rachel Long, Acting Campus Pastor

Greenwood Campus

Andrew Stanley, Groups Director

Carver Melton, Facility Care Assistant

Cody Johnson, Campus Pastor

Courtney Salyers, Associate Pastor

Jared Heck, Family Ministries Production Director

Jared McCormick, Production Director

Jeanette Cloud, Office and Data Administrator

Johanna Kleeman, Host Team Coordinator

Karissa Lara, Children's Ministry Director

Mariah Lundy, Children's Ministry Pastor

Matt Loman, Property and Maintenance Assistant

Rocky Martinez Jr., Worship Pastor

Tanner Allen, Property and Facility Assistant

Online Campus

Jeremy Woods, Production Director

Matt Scobell, Campus Pastor

Sara Ritchie, Online Campus Connections Assistant

Seymour Campus

Andy Schroeder, Campus Pastor

Gabriel Wilson, Production and Facilities Director

Jess Ritz, Ministry and Host Director

Keia Blair, Student Ministries Director

Kelsie Rieker, Worship and Groups Pastor

Lea Ann Schroeder, Children's Ministry Director

Centralized Teams

Aaron Beasley, Assistant Executive Pastor

Allison Gearries, Associate Pastor to Rachel Long

Andi Goulet, Project Manager

Ann Wall, Biblical Counselor

Ashley Tanner, Student Ministry and 1824 Pastor

Beka Williss, Ministry Support

Bill Miller, Pastor of Biblical Counseling

Breanne De Avila, Associate Outreach Director

Brenda Vaughn, Rock Specialist

Brenna Daggy, Director of Spiritual Formation

Briana Hale, Video Producer

Brooke Wellington, Ministry Assistant

Case Wellington, Production Assistant

EB Hooyer, Groups Director

Erika Mulroney, HR Director

Fabi Puello, Video Director

Greg Wallace, Communications Pastor

Hannah Sanders, Finance Assistant

Ian Elliott, Family Ministries Videographer

Jake Boschen, Director of Production

Joey Gearries, Worship Pastor

Josie Dillon, Finance Director

Julie King, Assistant to Kelsey Thompson

Katie Kiel, Associate Impact Director

Kelsey Thompson, Associate Executive Director

Kevin Schneider, Associate Pastor to Kyle Thompson

Luke Klipsch, Family Ministries Director

Macy Schoen, Administrative Assistant to Rachel Long

Nicole Zieniewicz, IT Support Specialist

Pam Pieper, Counseling Center Office Manager

Rhonda Ochs, HR Assistant

Rita Strietelmeier, Centralized Events Director

Rob Howell, IT Director

Shannon Wentzell, Student and Children's Counselor

Tami Whyde, Certified Biblical Counselor

Tim Strietelmeier II, IT Assistant

Ministry Leadership Team

Brian Neuman, Elder

Grant Foley, Elder

Mike Winslow, Elder

Ray Simons, Elder

Wes Harrison, Elder