People Who Are Selfish Pastor Matt Randall


In Philippians 2:4, Paul tells us, “Don’t look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too.” It can be difficult to love selfish people. And to do so, we have to first accept an uncomfortable truth about our own selfishness. Join us for week 3 of Better Lovers, focusing on how to love those in our lives who are selfish. How did the human race become so selfish? Paul tells us in Philippines 2:4, “Don’t look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others too.” Our Emmanuel campus pastors bring us week 3 of ‘Better Lovers’ focusing on how to become better lovers to those who are selfish.

The Sinful Woman Pastor Danny Anderson


Sermon Description: During week 3 of our ‘Encounters’, Pastor Danny Anderson shares with us about an encounter Jesus had with a religious man and a non-religious woman. Who got it right?

You Can't Judge Me, Only God Can Judge Me Aaron Beasley


We all tend to judge others, but are we doing it in the correct way? This weekend we will focus on the misconception of 'judging' in today's culture. Pastor Aaron Beasley will pinpoint some key terms to help us correct this way of thinking.

The Difficult Ones Pastor Danny Anderson


In this talk, Danny will give us some tips on how to become better lovers of difficult people. These are not the people that hurt you, it may be a coworker who has a bad habit, a family member who complains a lot, or maybe someone that just gets on your nerves sometimes. The final week of “Better Lovers” will give us some clarity on how to become better lovers to all the difficult people in our lives.

Peace With Others Danny Anderson


Relationships are difficult and it can be hard to be at peace with other people. But during this message, Danny shares that loving others actually creates and sustains peace in our lives. ->

Loving Those Who Hurt You Pastor Danny Anderson


It’s easy to love people who are “lovable.” It’s a lot harder to love those who aren’t. Yet Jesus calls us to love not only our neighbors, but our enemies too. Pastor Danny kicks off a brand-new series, “Better Lovers, and focuses on how to love even those who have hurt us.  

Hard To Love Pastor Danny Anderson


If we’re always on the go and have no margin in our lives, there’s not much room left to love others. And the Bible tells us that without love we have nothing. Will you choose to slow down and love those around you?

Soul Strength Pastor Danny Anderson


Isaiah 26:4 says to Trust in the Lord always, for the Lord God is the eternal Rock. Join us for week 2 of our Inseparable series as Pastor Danny tells us how to develop soul strength by trusting in the Lord, our eternal Rock

Loving Difficult People Pastor Danny Anderson


Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing.” It's sometimes hard to love those in our lives that are difficult. Jesus encountered these people too during his time on earth. Join us for week 4 of our Inseparable series as Pastor Danny shows us how to love the difficult people in our lives.

The Others Pastor Danny Anderson


Family can feel like a circus. Join us for the third week of our series, Family Circus. Pastor Danny is bringing an uplifting talk on having grace and empathy for others.

Selfish Spouses Pastor Cody Johnson


Axe To Grind:An issue that needs to be eliminated or changed in our lives so we can experience the abundant life God has for us. Join us for week 4 of our series, Axe To Grind. Pastor Cody is bringing a great talk on how we can become wise.