Holy Spirit

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Week 1 Danny Anderson


Someone who is spiritual submits to the leadership of the Holy Spirit and lives in the Kingdom of God, here on earth, right now. True transformation happens through submission.

Convict and Convince Pastor Danny Anderson


This weekend Pastor Danny Anderson will be bringing our final week of 'The Nudge'. God does not always nudge us toward something, he sometimes nudges us away from things too. The Holy Spirit was to influence you and your daily life. Will you let him?

Be Responsible Danny Anderson


Forgiveness is key in a relationship, but what if you’re the person who did the wrong doing? What is your step in mending the relationship? You have to take responsibility for your actions, and start the process of changing that habit. If you’re not in the process of change, you haven’t taken full responsibility. Join us this week for our next ground rule!

Week 2 Danny Anderson


Someone who is spiritual lives for an audience of ‘one’ and the ‘one’ is Jesus Christ. Let your actions and decisions be motivated by what God would think.

Truth Pastor Danny Anderson


Have you ever thought you heard God speaking to you? Maybe telling you to go right instead of left? How do we know it is really him? This weekend, Pastor Danny Anderson will share the first way that the Holy Spirit nudges us throughout our lives.

Reconciliation Aaron Beasley


We all have the capability to hurt others, and to be hurt by another. This has always been the case, but Jesus calls us the reconcile with our neighbors. This weekend, Pastor Aaron Beasley will be introducing our third nudge that the Holy Spirit leads us to and how we can put it into practice.

Help Others Using Your Gifts Matt Randall


God gave us all a gift and we are meant to use these gifts as a blessing to others... but how do we know what they are? Greenwood Campus Pastor Matt Randall brings us Week 2 of The Nudge, discussing how the Holy Spirit nudges towards using our unique gifts to invest in others.