Are you ready to start your faith journey? Do you have questions about faith, the Bible, and baptism? Are you eager to serve like Jesus, dive into community, and live generously? You've come to the right place. We invite you to come and grow in your faith.

Start the Journey

Are you ready to take up your cross and follow Jesus? Discipleship is not an easy path, but it leads to true freedom and abundant life in Christ. In this introductory session, Pastor Danny points out that when you commit to following Jesus, you take on the role of a disciple. What is a disciple? Great question. Come find out!

What is Faith?

Pastor Danny answers the question, "What is Faith?" In this session, we learn that faith is essential for pleasing God and building a relationship with Him. By trusting in God and immersing ourselves in his Word, we can cultivate and strengthen our faith while developing a strong relationship with him. This leads to peace and resilience in the face of life's challenges.

Is the Bible Important?

Find out why the Bible is a cornerstone of our faith and how engaging with it can transform your life. In this session, Pastor Danny stresses the importance of the Bible in nurturing our faith. He also introduces the SOAP method (Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer) as an effective way to engage with the Bible. Consistent engagement with the Bible through these methods leads to personal transformation and strengthening of faith.

Should I Get Baptized?

What is baptism? Who is it for? Why do it? Pastor Danny explains the meaning of baptism, emphasizing what it symbolizes: death to old ways, forgiveness of sins, and commitment to Jesus. Baptism is a public declaration and an act of obedience, not a requirement for salvation. Are you ready to take the plunge?

Serving Like Jesus

What does it mean to serve others, and why is it an important part of your spiritual growth? The truth is, we are never more like Jesus than when we serve our fellow human beings. Pastor Danny suggests that this is not just an act of compassion but a way to fulfill God's divine assignment for your life and positively impact the world. If we are called to follow Jesus, we are called to serve like Jesus.

Built for Community

We all need people in our lives who will challenge us to strive to become more like Christ. In this session, Pastor Danny discusses the importance of community, specifically being in a group of like-minded people. Life is better connected to God and others.

What About My Money?

People get a little funny when you talk about money, and for good reason. Many churches and leaders have mismanaged money. Yet, although money is a sensitive topic, God calls His disciples to be generous by following Jesus' example. Pastor Danny breaks down the idea that growing in faith also means growing in trust and generosity toward God.