Life is Better Connected Pastor Danny Anderson


Isolation is deadly. We were never meant to try to get through life on our own. God's plan is for friends to help us along the way. Lead Pastor Danny Anderson shares three benefits of having high quality friendships as well as the best way to cultivate them. 

Peace Danny Anderson


Keeping the peace during the holidays can sometimes feel impossible, especially around family gatherings. Unresolved tensions, communication issues, and broken relationships that can otherwise be ignored or avoided the rest of the year are suddenly thrust into the spotlight. Yet, the story of Christmas is one of peace. We all have a choice to make; will we be a peacemaker or a troublemaker? If we want peace, we have to embrace the role of peacemaker. Join us for week 2 of ‘Tis the Season.

Week 1 Danny Anderson


We are a church of grace, realizing that both God and the people of Emmanuel view people as insanely valuable.

Reconciliation Aaron Beasley


We all have the capability to hurt others, and to be hurt by another. This has always been the case, but Jesus calls us the reconcile with our neighbors. This weekend, Pastor Aaron Beasley will be introducing our third nudge that the Holy Spirit leads us to and how we can put it into practice.

Be An Encourager Aaron Beasley


Everyone likes to receive encouragement. Yet, our natural tendency is to be negative. We struggle to be encouraging. Negative words, thoughts, and feelings are human nature. If we want to establish ground rule #3, we need to learn how to transform our negative thoughts into positive encouragement. Pastor Aaron Beasley shares three strategies to overcome our negativity bias and speak words of support, confidence, and hope to others. 

Spiritual Community Danny Anderson


Why is it important to pursue spiritual community? How do others help us grow in our own spiritual journey? This weekend, Pastor Danny Anderson will give us week two of our sermon series 'Good Christian'.