Communion Service Danny Anderson


The meal in the Garden of Eden and the Last Supper were two of the most expensive meals in the Bible. Communion is a time to reflect on the price Jesus paid at the cross for us to live in a relationship with God.

Friend of Sinners Pastor Danny Anderson


Jesus made it a practice to eat and drink with sinners. He defied religious and social norms, which infuriated the religious leaders of the time. He came for lost people. But what does it mean to be lost? And how does Jesus' example change the way we interact with others? Join Pastor Danny for Week 3 of Savage Jesus.

Selfish Spouses Pastor Cody Johnson


Axe To Grind:An issue that needs to be eliminated or changed in our lives so we can experience the abundant life God has for us. Join us for week 4 of our series, Axe To Grind. Pastor Cody is bringing a great talk on how we can become wise.