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Be An Encourager Aaron Beasley


Everyone likes to receive encouragement. Yet, our natural tendency is to be negative. We struggle to be encouraging. Negative words, thoughts, and feelings are human nature. If we want to establish ground rule #3, we need to learn how to transform our negative thoughts into positive encouragement. Pastor Aaron Beasley shares three strategies to overcome our negativity bias and speak words of support, confidence, and hope to others. 



Most of us have all felt insecure at some point. We may be uncertain about who we are or lack confidence that we can rise to a new challenge. Insecurity, though, is a dangerous internal enemy. It can hurt our relationships, prevent us from trying new things, and even make us selfish. Join us for Week 5 of Internal Enemies as we uncover the roots of insecurity and learn two secrets to gain confidence no matter the situation.

It's Not as Bad as You Think Pastor Aaron Beasley


You can't fill your mind with negative thoughts, and expect a positive outcome. – Marinela Reka. Will you focus on the positive over the negative?