Idolizing Money Pastor Danny Anderson


To be a generous person, you can give your time, resources, and talents. As Christ followers, we are also called to be generous with our finances. Yet, we struggle to be generous in this way because we idolize money. Pastor Danny Anderson will give us reasons why we should turn away from our love of money and look to God.

The Woman at the Well Pastor Danny Anderson


Sermon Description: We don’t know her name or age. But her conversation with Jesus is his longest one-on-one recorded in Scripture. The Woman at the Well is someone we can all relate to. Sometimes we try to use physical things to try and satisfy us, when only the Living Water can do that.

Pause Danny Anderson


Prayer is at the heart of a growing relationship with God. Yet, many of us struggle to pray. Join Pastor Danny as we identity three reasons that taking time to pause helps us to get our minds and our hearts in the right place before we pray.

Week 2 Danny Anderson


Our souls have unlimited desires and because of this truth, idolatry ruins us. Our soul can only find true satisfaction in God.

On The Mountain Brent Fox


Join Franklin Campus Pastor Brent Fox as we close out our “God with Us” series. God is with us on the mountain top - the joyous moments and seasons in our lives. It can be easy to get caught up in the good times and forget who is providing for us.  

The World Pastor Danny Anderson


Do not conform to the pattern of this world… Romans 12:2. Join us for the final week of our series, The Sixth Sense. Pastor Danny is bringing an impactful talk on changing the script we are living.

Play The Movie Pastor Danny Anderson


Where do you lack self-control? What habit would help you gain victory in that area? Join Pastor Danny as he helps us to navigate the fact that God made us to be creatures of habit - in a good way!

Weight of Insecurity Pastor Cody Johnson


Many of us live with the constant fear that we're not good enough - and never will be. Greenwood Campus Pastor Cody Johnson unpacks God's plan to break through the walls that insecurity can build around us.