Push Your Limits Danny Anderson


To upgrade our lives, we are going to have to push past the limits that we think we are capable of. Living in the state of uncomfortableness, will turn into our upgrade. So where do you need to push your limits? Join us this weekend for some insight!

5 Lessons From London Pastor Danny Anderson


Pastor Danny was recently fortunate enough to attend a leadership conference in London, England. Join us as he shares five important takeaways and insights about our role in what God wants to do in this world.

You Gotta Have Grit Pastor Danny Anderson


Belief + Reasons + Strategy + _____ = Comeback. Join us for the last week of our series, You Can Always Comeback. Pastor Danny is bringing a great talk on the final part to having a successful comeback.

Obstacles are Opportunities Pastor Danny Anderson


How will you see the obstacles in your life? Will they appear to be stop signs - or opportunities? Pastor Danny continues the discussion of the benefits of being "Unreasonable."

One Hour Pastor Danny Anderson


What could you do with one hour? Pastor Danny details how good planning and taking the longview can help us to move towards the things that God wants for our lives.