God's Will

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Your Moment Danny Anderson


No matter how insignificant you feel, you have an essential role to play. God has placed you where you are in this moment in time for a reason. Pastor Danny shares two examples from the book of Esther on what we can do to carry out the middle of God no matter the situation we find ourselves in.

Week 3 Danny Anderson


When the soul gets lost confess your sin, surrender your will and turn your mind to God.

Just Obey Danny Anderson


Obedience is the key to an upgrade. Throughout the Bible there are stories that Jesus gives specific instructions, and the obedience of a person activates the power of God. We will see the power of God through our obedience to Him. Join us this weekend for Upgrade!

Disrupted For Growth Danny Anderson


Why would God allow such painful disruptions in our lives? Doesn’t God want us to be happy, safe, and healthy? Pastor Danny Anderson shares why God sometimes allows disruptions in order to grow our faith.

Information Overload Pastor Aaron Beasley


1 Corinthians 8:1 states, "We know that 'We all possess knowledge.' But knowledge puffs up while love builds up." Join us this weekend as Pastor Aaron Beasley brings us an Espresso Shot weekend on the dangers of information overload.