The Problem of Science Danny Anderson


A popular way of thinking right now is that if I believe in science, then I can’t believe in God. What if science and faith actually work together? Pastor Danny Anderson shares with us about how we can know that science doesn’t make our faith irrelevant.

Ask Pastor Danny Anderson


In Week 4 of Call for Help, Pastor Danny shares three reasons we hesitate to ask God for the things that we need, what God desires from us, and what we need to do when we don’t get an answer to our prayers. 

The Problem of God's Existence Pastor Danny Anderson


Is God’s existence relevant? During week 2 of the ‘Problem with God’ series, Pastor Danny Anderson takes us through three inductive arguments that explain the existence of God. Do you believe it’s true? If so, what do you do with this knowledge?

The Problem with The Bible Matt Randall


Can our confidence in the reliability of the Bible be based on evidence and not just faith? Greenwood Campus Pastor Matt Randall, shares with us three types of evidence that prove you can trust the Bible.

The Problem of Evil Pastor Danny Anderson


We don’t have to argue that there is a problem of evil in our world today. We see it everywhere. From genocide, murder, stealing and so much other wrong, we are very familiar with evil and suffering. So, does the existence of evil eliminate the existence of an all-knowing, all-powerful, all-loving God? Pastor Danny Anderson shares with us about how the problem of evil actually points toward the reality of God.

The Problem of Exclusivity Pastor Danny Anderson


During week one of our new series, ‘The Problem with God’, Pastor Danny Anderson shared how Christianity is exclusive. Based on the law of non-contradiction, we have to ask, ‘Which religion best represents truth?’.