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Lane, Jeff & Jennifer

Campus: Greenwood Schedule: Tuesday at 6:30 PM Description: This is a CO-ED DivorceCare group that will meet in-person will begin on August 31st. DivorceCare is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. Don’t go through separation or divorce alone. *The DivorceCare workbook is required for this group. Please bring $20 payment and you will receive the workbook at your first session* Leader Bio: Jeff & Jennifer have both been through divorce & are very interested in helping others repair from divorce/separation. They are both passionate about their faith in God & are willing to share & serve.

Trimmell, Andy and Rossi, Dori

Campus: Banta Schedule: Tuesday at 6:30 PM Description: This divorce care group will encourage and help people form a deeper relationship with Christ and others. It will help individuals move forward in life and focus more on God. Leader Bio: Andy and Dori understand the grief of separation/divorce. They believe in leaning into God's promises and encourage members to get to know who Christ is and what His capabilities are for their lives.

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