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Carrillo, John & Oxendine, Brad

Campus: Greenwood Schedule: Wednesday at 6:30 PM Description: Men's Basketball Group: This group focuses on Emmanuel's weekend service content and biblical studies. Leader Bio: John and Brad have been friends for years. They want to use basketball to help men grow closer to Christ. In their free time, they love spending time with their families and serving at Emmanuel.

Dale, Jesse & Erika

Campus: Greenwood Schedule: Wednesday at 7:00 PM Description: This group focuses on applying the weekend service’s content as well as fitness & nutrition Leader Bio: Jesse & Erika enjoy personal development and traveling. Their expertise in fitness/nutrition plays a role in overall well-being and they want to partner that with growing in Christ together.

Davis, Laurie

Campus: Banta Schedule: Thursday at 2:00 PM Description: This group focuses on applying Emmanuel’s weekend service content and on studying books of the Bible. This group is also for ladies over their 50s. Leader Bio: Laurie helps make places look fantastic as a custodian and enjoys baking in her free time

Meek, Olivia & Torbeck, Holly

Campus: Greenwood Schedule: Sunday at 1:30 PM Description: Explore and learn more about the Holy Spirit through a Christian take on yoga! Leader Bio: Our Christian yoga small group for women incorporates practical & applicable Bible teachings with yoga poses to help rejuvenate your body & mind while staying in touch with the Holy Spirit.