Production Assistant

Job Description

Full-Time (40 hours per week – Saturday (6), Sunday (6), Monday-Thursday (28))

Reports to: Director of Production

Summary of Role

Under the direction of the Director of Production, assists the Weekend Services team in leading production volunteers and overseeing audio, video and lighting for the weekend service experience and centralized events.

Summary of Essential Functions

• Lead production volunteers by producing a consistent, excellent weekend service experience

• Assist in recruiting, training and developing volunteers at scheduled campus

• Oversee audio, video, and lighting during weekend experience as assigned

• Maintain and troubleshoot in-ear monitors

• Maintain and troubleshoot production equipment

• Maintain appearance of stage environment

• Assist with stage projects, equipment installations, set design and implementation

• Provides support for church staff production needs (ministry events, weddings, etc.)

• Perform other duties when requested by the Executive Pastor of Weekend Services

• Foster and champion a healthy staff culture by adhering to Emmanuel staff values and through a growing personal relationship with Christ  

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

• Demonstrate a servant’s heart with spiritual maturity and sensitivity

• Possess a working knowledge of in-house digital audio consoles, video switchers and routers, lighting consoles and fixtures

• Work experience or volunteer experience

• Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills

• Ability to manage multiple tasks and responsibilities in a live, weekend service environment

• Demonstrate ability to work independently and as part of a team in a flexible and cooperative

• Ability to safely lift up to 75 pounds using proper equipment and technique