Inside workflow email person a link to form

You will need to create the following workflow attributes:

  • Person - Person Type
  • URL - Text Type

First you will need to write the in a Workflow Action before you send the email to the person with the link.

URL Write Attribute.png

The text value that you want is: {{ 'Global' | Attribute:'PublicApplicationRoot' }}/backgroundcheck/{{ Workflow | Attribute:'Person','UrlEncodedKey' }}?WorkflowGuid={{ Workflow.Guid }}

The bolded and Underlined part above is the part that you will change for each workflow/form. This you set as you see below on the page properties of where you have the Workflow Entry block. 

You will need a page that is hidden from anyone just browsing around. On this page you will want any header that you want and a "Workflow Entry" block. You will set the workflow to the workflow that you created for this form.

-Note the "/{rckipid}" at the end of that Page Route. This is what allows the system to automatically log the user in.


Once all of that is setup you are good to send the email to the person. I use the "Email Send" workflow action and send from the requester since they were most likely working with them already and would be familiar. 

emailsend.pngYou should be able to test on yourself.